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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Five Months Today!

Ross continues to grow despite my best efforts to keep him my baby. He is healthy and happy and I can't believe how lucky we are to get to call him our son.
Here are some pictures I snapped for his 5 month birthday and while Idon't know his full measurements, our next appointment is at the end of January, he is as long as his toy chest and has to be close to 20 pounds.
I am making his fod like I did for Merritt when she was little and he loves mealtime! He loves bananas and sweet potatoes with rice cereal. We are introducing pears next.
Ross continues to be happiest in his mommy's arms {and my favorite too!} but we are continuing with tummy time. He will now immediately flip back over to his back whenever we lie him down on his tummy.
He also continues to sleep through the night, usually 7pm to 6am and 2 three-hour naps during the day. I hope this keeps up, mommy loves sleeping babies!
Also it looks like we have a righty despite daddy's best attempts and hopes for a left-handed pitcher!

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