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Monday, June 11, 2012

Prima Ballerina

I have been looking fowarding to this day since the moments right after I found out we were having a girl... Her first day of dance class!
I danced my way through life from the age of 5 on.  Memories of my childhood revolve around dance and I still to this day remember most of the performances and songs I danced to.  If I was at school, I was dancing and after school my sweet dad would take me to the dance studio and set up a table and tv in his minivan and grade his students' papers.  So today was one of the happiest since Merritt came into our lives and there was no way I was sitting in the car waiting.

Merritt outside the studio
Merritt was so excited about dance class that she woke up at 6:30am ready to dance for her 11am class.

Tap Time!

 First the class started with tap and some started moves; heel, brush, point. And of course a crazy stomp after each step! 

Ballet Beauty!
After tap, all the girls changed into their ballet shoes and and learned first and second position and plies.

During ballet the girls got to dance with scarves and wands. They also practiced walking with beanbags on their heads.

After dance, we came home and worked on our Ballerina Unit.
My hope is that Merritt will grow to love dance!

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