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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Let's Go to the Bank!

Merritt {and when I say Merritt, I mean myself} has been saving the lose change and putting it in her Piggy Bank. We received the Piggy Bank from a dear friend at a baby shower. It took us 2 years, but it was finally too full to put anymore change in it, so off to the bank we went! We handed over the 'Rich Little Piggy' and I waited while I thought the teller would put the change through the change collector machine that I have seen at the grocery store. Well, then she began separating all the coins.... And I thought to myself this is a high maintenance coin collector if coins have to be separated before they go in. As Merritt grew tired of sitting there and began to get antsy, I asked the teller, do you have to count all the coins yourself? She looked looked up {and I thought 'Oh No I hope she doesn't have to start counting all over'}, smiled and said "MmmHmm." She then began to count how many of each coin we were turning in and typed in the totals into her computer. I apologized as a grabbed the 4 Dum Dum lollipops from Merritt's hands that were headed towards her mouth.
We thanked the teller for being so kind and waved good-bye knowing that Merritt is $34.25 richer!

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  1. Umm that doesn't look like compass bank?! lol. can't wait to show the banker he'll be s pleased!