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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fantasy Football

It's Texas, It's August, which means it's FOOTBALL TIME!
We had our Fantasy Football Draft Party this week. Everyone came over with their computers, magazines, highlighters, and pens ready to draft the best dream team ever! We all had our own system to create/draft our teams. As defending champion of the league I feel confident that I will repeat and make everyone get on their knees bowing down to the Fantasy Football Queen. I told everyone they could make their checks out to: Jennie ' The Winner' Edge.
As everyone entered, they drew a card for draft position and who do you think got the 1st pick? ME! And of course I took my boy, the star of my team, the great running back Chris Johnson of the Titans. Being the first to pick is great because you get the first pick, but unfortunately it also means there are 27 other picks before you get to make your next pick. {That's when I decided I would take pics and create a blog post about our evening.}
Wish me luck {even though it really isn't necessary because did you the picture of the players who are the Go Around the Pile team?!?}.

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