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Monday, February 7, 2011

'Snow' Much Fun!

Last week it snowed here and so we had the day off from school!
I dressed Merritt in her winter gear as soon as she got up and we rushed outside to see the cold, strange, white stuff that covered our yard, streets, and cars. At first, like most things, Merritt was cautious of the snow but once we began to walk on it and play with it, the smile never left her face.
After exploring the backyard, we took a walk down the street, stopping every few houses to visit with neighbors.
We followed our footsteps back home, took off all the wet clothes, boots, jackets, and gloves and snuggled up to enjoy a nice, warm breakfast in bed.
Later that afternoon, when Beau got home, we walked to the park to play with the last of the snow that was still on the ground where we had our first ever Edge Snowball Fight!

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