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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine's Day Countdown

I saw this cute little idea on Tip Junkie and added in to my 'I want to try this next year' file but when I ran into a friend at Micheal's, she was getting some supplies to make a Valentine Heart Countdown, so I went ahead bought the supplies and made the hearts in about 30 minutes.
The kit I bought had white foam hearts {which I used for the background} and red foam doily hearts {that I used to make a pocket to put little gifts in}. I also bought a package of white glittery stickers to add the numbers to the front of the hearts.
Merritt has been counting everything lately and I am very proud to say she says and reads her numbers 1-20. She really enjoyed coming home each day and counting the numbers up to the one with her gift in it.
I chose to fill each heart with little things that I know she loves. Her favorite by far was from Day 7 - Bubbles. When she pulled them out she screeched with joy and we had immediately go outside so she could pop the bubbles! I also purchased a 3 pack of washable paint sets {one price - 3 days worth of gifts!}. She has become such an artist! Although her mountains, animals, hearts, and mommy all look very similar to big blobs of paint! She had so much fun with the Valentine countdown {she goes up to the hearts each afternoon wondering where the net number is - 'Mommy number 16 is hiding - we need to go find it!} that I already purchased a St. Patrick's Day set to make a new countdown. I already painted some little shoes with green glitter paint so that we can find the Lucky Leprechaun each day!

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