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Monday, May 23, 2011

Glucose Testing

This is the price I paid for enjoying a brownie the morning of my glucose testing a month ago.
When the nurse called to tell me that my Glucose Test results came back 144 and the average is 130, I told her, "Well, I have always been an overachiever." She didn't find me very funny. She told me I would have to come back and take another Glucose Test that meant not eating for 12 hours ahead of time, then drink the 'orange' and then wait to have my blood drawn 4 times.
This is my problem with the above mentioned: I am pregnant therefore I like to eat and so does the child inside me. The orange drink is BAD! The nurse told me that it had more sugar in it than 24oz. Mountain Dew. I have very tiny veins that roll and therefore when I have a nurse that doesn't listen to me about my veins, I get poked 10 times and in between each time the Nazi nurse says sorry, gives me a little smirk, and tries again. I do not like needles, I don't like blood.
Between the first and second hour, I saw the doctor. Love him! But when I sat up, my stomach felt anything but love at the drink I had to guzzle down 20 minutes earlier. He saw it on my face and told me, if I threw up, I would have to start all of again on a different day.... My love for him dwindled a bit.
The wait between hour two and three was excruciating and I am not being dramatic. I kept my eyes closed and practiced my breathing techniques. I had goldfish in my purse. I thought about the goldfish the whole hour... How could I sneak the contraband from my purse to take to the bathroom? Would anyone notice? Where there cameras {I looked and didn't see any but you never know these days}? Would it ruin my results? I can't do this again, so I waited. I felt as if I was on the Price is Right when my name was called to get the last vial of blood drawn.
Hopefully I win the Showcase Showdown prize of regular sugar levels when the nurse calls me this week!

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  1. I feel ya. I failed the first test with Rhett and barely passed the second one. Taking the three hour glucose test was brutal!