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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Princesses on Ice

Princess Merritt and her Prince Charming walking into the Cedar Park Center. When we got out of the car, she looked up at the arena and asked us if this was the castle where the Princesses lived. We told her that this was the ice castle where the Princesses were going to ice skate! Merritt couldn't take her eyes off the Princesses on Ice. It was too funny because our friends next to us had popcorn that they offered to Merritt to munch on - but she didn't want to miss any ice skating so her hand would blindly be reaching out for the popcorn box. Here is Merritt and her friend Kate dressed liked their favorite princesses! Cinderella was the last Princess to skate and she came out in a beautiful carriage. Merritt stood on her chair to make sure she saw every glide, jump, and lift that she did! There was a little firework show at the end and we all cheered all the skaters!

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