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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

2 Months Today!

My sweet Razor is 2 months today! Ross is a very alert little man, he is always looking around taking in his surroundings. We are currently working out as well... B x 90. We started with 1 minute of tummy time and have been adding another minute each day. Ross is not trilled about the workout {I wonder who he got that from} but I think he puts up with it because he loves me so.
Ross went for his 2 month appointment, which meant 3 shots for my little man. He was a champ and I think it might have hurt me more than him. We also got his measurements ~ 13.6 lbs {95th %}, 24 in {95th %}, and head circumference 46 cm {75th %}. Our next goal is for Ross to get more comfortable with taking the bottle. He is a great eater but I am wondering if we waited too long to introduce the bottle. We will keep trying... Wish us luck!
I promise no Ross was harmed in this picture... And please no jokes about him crying and the Texas Longhorns.

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