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Friday, September 9, 2011

Lady Merritt

Merritt's First Week of school was a success! As with most changes, Merritt was more ready than her mother. I had been worried about the switch from a home daycare to regular school but Merritt has adjusted {and with less tears than me}. This week her new school had what they call the 'Knight Parade.'
The school's mascot is a knight and each student creates a sheild that has their name, class mascot, and a picture collage that represents them. All of the students line up with teir sheild and then walk around the school. I was so happy that I am still on maternity leave andwas able to go watch Merritt as she marched in the parade!
Her class made a short cut through the building and sat down so that they could watch the older students. I love that she loves her new teacher and follows her directions. I can't wait to spoil her teachers :)
As each class walked by, Merritt and her classmates clapped and waved.
And yes, I enjoyed doing my daughter's homework. I wanted to make sure she had the best sheild :)

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