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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ross 8 Months

The Little Man is EIGHT months today! And we celebrated in true baby style... playing, eating, {the thing that comes after eating}, and in bed by 7 pm. It seems like this month I have seen the greatest amount of change with little man.
And maybe this is why.... Mommies lock up your daughters... we have a crawler! One day I sat him down and when I came to check on him a few moments later; yep, he was on the other side of the room. So time for baby proofing and putting eveything out of reach. Merritt has taken this the hardest because now he can go get her toys {she's not a fan of the accomplishments that Ross has mastered}.
My boy is no longer a vampire which is nice, the upper middles have broken through and are getting used quite a bit! I am no fortune teller but I can see that in the future this boy is going to eat us out of home! This month we added applesauce, cantaloupe, tahini, cottage cheese, and yogurt to his diet. There is no food he has said 'No thank you' to.
He is most unhappiest when he is on his back, which explains the look above {almost like a turtle that has gotten flipped over on its shell}.
By far the most difficult photo shoot to date... the boy was not interested in posing for his momma. Should have put the monthly sticker on his back!

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