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Monday, April 2, 2012

Hippity, Hoppity Easter!

The Easter Bunny hopped on over to our house on Easter morning and left lots of treats for the little people!  And a few footprints too!
Here are their  Easter Baskets; hers filled with books, stamps & stickers, and some seeds to plant flowers.  His had a carrot baseball bat & ball, a book, and plastic eggs to throw and chase after!

After getting dressed, she opened her basket to see what the Bunny had brought for her. 

Then it was time for the duo to go hunting, egg hunting that is!

Ross really enjoyed himself. He watched as Merritt went looking for eggs and then when her Bunny Basket was full, she would dump them out next to him.  He tried his best to chew on them, but once he had slobbered on them, those eggs get a little slippery!

I love the Bunny Basket Merritt made at school from a millk jug!  It was so easy for her to carry.

Hope you and your family had a very HOPPY EASTER!

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