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Sunday, April 29, 2012

The pARTy ~ Food & Drink

Before last year's Luau Birthday Party, I had began thinking about what I wanted to this year for Merritt's 4th Birthday.  My friend Jen always joke around about how far in advance we plan our themes for birthday parties.  Merritt's love for art has grown over the past year so an Art Party was perfect!
My super creative previously mentioned friend, Jen did an excellent job with all the printables and helping me come up with the wording with food ideas. She created stickers for the 'creative juice' Juicy Juices boxes and I wrapped them with construction paper to create a rainbow effect. Jen also did the 'Happy Birthday Merritt' water bottle labels. Check out her website JenLoves
A party wouldn't be complete without yummy food and an Art Party has to have food to feed all the artists in training!

Rice Krispie Treat Paint Brushes

Paint Palette Cupcakes

Paint Chips

Fruit Color Wheel & Veggie Color Sampler

Pretzel Paint Brushes

Palette Plates

The food display with balloon banner and palette sign

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