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Monday, September 6, 2010

4 Halloween Crafts before October...

While looking through some of my favorite DIY craft blogs, I saw 4 projects that I HAD TO to add to my Never Gonna Get Any Shorter Because I LOVE Craft Blogs! To Do list {Also on that To Do list is to find a shorter name for my To Do list}.
Project 1: Halloween Luminaries
Supply List:
~ 2 Clear cylinder vases from Dollar Tree {$1 each}
~ White tissue paper cut into strips varying in width and length {free - already had, if you don't have pick some up while at the Dollar Tree}
~ Mod Podge {free - already had, around $7 at Hobby Lobby or Micheal's but make sure you take a 40% off coupon if you need to buy}
~ Sponge Brush {free - already had, around $2 for 6 brushes at craft store - don't forget your coupon for this one too}
~ Silhouettes of Halloween shapes {You can print these out from your computer, use a cricut, draw and paint if you are talented, use vinyl, or buy from craft store. I bought felt/foamy shapes from Hobby Lobby, in the kids project aisle $1.99.}
~ LED flickering tea lights {you can use candle tea lights but we choose to be a candle-free house, $2.99 for 2}
Step 1: Use the brush to apply Mod Podge in sections directly onto vase. No need to be perfect {Can you believe I just said that!}, the strips should overlap. Complete 'mummy-fying' both vases.
Step 2: Add Halloween silhouettes. If you use paper silhouettes, mod podge over them. If you take the easy way like me, peel away backing and place felt silhouettes in desired location. {I am currently looking for a cat that I can add to the vase with bats, but the one I found wasn't in proportion.}
Step 3: Add tea lights.
Step 4: Put in window or add to mantle for a Spook-tacular decoration!
Start to finish 30 minutes! What do you think?
Original Idea comes from Me and My Bucket Blog that was featured on Tip Junkie


  1. YOU ARE AWESOME!! I gave you some love over at my blog ;)

  2. I totally am doing this tomorrow with the exact same vases. I couldn't find any like Jessica's and was so bummed, but am glad to see how they turned out. Thanks for posting.