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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Welcome to Seussville! Part 1

There were some up and downs, lots of smiles, and some tears... But what a wonderful way to celebrate my Little Lady's Third Birthday with friends and family! There is my 'big girl' with her marshmallow pop in her birthday outfit. Yes, she only had one outfit this year. I went with a red and blue petticoat and custom Dr. Seuss shirt from ETSY. The kids LOVED the bubbles! Here is Merritt and her friend Caius, who is a boy {and yes I do need to make that distinction}. They loved running around trying to pop every bubble that flew by them. It's my party and I'll cry if I want to... I will take the blame for this meltdown. Merritt was playing with all her friends when I decided it was time to sing, blow out the candles, and eat cupcakes. Merritt had a different opinion and cried during her birthday song, couldn't decide if she wanted me to hold her or go play, and refused to eat a cupcake {until later}. About 5 minutes later... back to playing. I love this picture with Merritt with her Daycare friends, Trenton, Caius, and Isabel. And of course, Beau was on slide duty {there were some accidents earlier in the day, so he got called into Safety Patrol}. When her friends left, Merritt curled up in Daddy's arms, watched some TV, and enjoyed a cupcake.
Meanwhile, my thoughts began to wonder.... What is the theme for next year?! Time to start planning.

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