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Sunday, August 21, 2011

My Little Baker

Merritt went her friend Marin's Mermaid Birthday Party and had a splashing good time! Marin gave each guest a sand pail full of Sand Cookie Mix. Merritt was SO excited to get into the kitchen and start baking. I am not a cook, chef, or baker so Merritt has not had much experience in kitchen but seeing how excited she was and how well she did following the cookie directions we might have to venture into the kitchen more often.
Daddy even got into the baking and helped Merritt measure out all the extra ingredients.
The directions said to mix the dough with your hands but Merritt refused stating that would dirty and messy. So instead Merritt used her 'muscles' to mix all the ingredients together with a wisk.
After rolling the dough into little balls, Merritt used a shot glass dipped in sugar to flatten the cookies.
We helped her put the cookies into oven and sorry there are no pictures of us actually enjoying the cookies because they were all gone before I remembered the camera - next time!
So yummy! Happy Birthday Marin :)

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