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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Pink or Blue Party

We went to our first Baby Gender Reveal Party! Our friends, the Hobbies, decided to announce their first child's gender with the latest baby craze. Adrianne went to the doctor earlier in the day and had the doctor put the sonogram picture and gender in a sealed envelope. I don't know how she didn't peek! All the guests were asked to wear pink or blue to show what they guessed Baby Hobby's gender is. The Hobbies only have boys, so Ross and I went with the safe choice, BLUE, Beau went out on a limb and went with PINK. Here are Lori, Adrianne, Ross, and I showing off our BLUE!
Adrianne did a great job of decorating! I think she bought out the pink and blue sections of Party City and the candy store.
There was someone besides the doctor who knew what Baby Hobby's gender before the rest of us. Adrianne gave her good friend, Nikki, the sealed envelope and Nikki filled the inside of the cupcake with BLUE frosting!
Congratulations to Josh and Adrianne! We can't wait to meet Brooks! Ross is excited to have a Hobby as a best friend, just like his Dad.

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