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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ross' Biggest Fans

Everyone asked while I was pregnant if Merritt was exicted about Ross and I would always answer, "Depends on the day..." Merritt is used to being the center of our attention and I have been concerned about the shift of attention going towards Ross. We have tried to make her as involved as possible and have gotten lots of advice on how to make the transition easier. Our nurse told us that when Merritt met Ross, that someone other than mom {me} be holding him. Check. We bought Merritt a gift from Ross, as a thank you for being a great big sister. She opened the present with Ross and I and immediately wanted to read Ross all the books. Check. One thing I hadn't expected was how quickly attached Merritt got with Ross. She didn't want anyone else to hold Ross except for herself and I. Nobody. I guess she likes him... for now. Beau loves his little man, I know he will continue being a fantastic father to Ross. He continues to joke {I hope} about tying Ross' right hand behind his back, so that we can produce a left-handed pitcher!
My mom, 'GG', andRoss. I think it pained her a little bit to take the picture with Ross wearing his Longhorn beanie, being a Rice Owl! My parents took Merritt to Houston for this past week so that we could get adjusted to life with Ross. She has truly enjoyed every moment with my parents and I am so thankful they were able to help us out this week!
{Please excuse the lack of clothing on my part.} Here is Grandma, Beau's mom, meeting Ross. Ross is named after Beau's dad that lost his life too early. No one is quite sure who Ross looks like yet, but hopefully he has a little of Beau's dad in him :)

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