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Monday, February 13, 2012

I {HEART} Valentine's Day!

Some people love the fall because of holidays like Halloween or Thanksgiving. Some like Christmas time and winter fun. Me... I love Valentine's Day! It is totally a Hallmark holiday and I don't like chocolate and I would rather have alot of things over flowers but I can't help LOVING this month. I think some of the reason is that I know spring is right around the corner... Today Sir and Lady Valentine received some mail from their GG & GPop. Merritt was so excited to see her name on the envelope! After I let her open her card, she insisted that she needed to 'show Ross' how to open mail. Both of them loved their cards... in different ways. Ross wanted to taste test his while Merritt wanted to stare at herself in the mirror that was inside the card.
She even took it to bed with her and had me include it as one of her bedtime books.
We also made Merritt's class their Valentines - they read "I 'wheelie' like you" and have a toy car tied to a foamy heart with a heart ribbon. On the back, she wrote her friends' names all by herself.
And you know me being a teacher, I couldn't leave out Merritt's teachers!
For each of her SCENTational, SCENTastic, and SCENTrific teachers, I attached a little card to their favorite scent of Scentsy wax. Also for their sweet tooths, some brownies... Yum!
Super Cute Shooting for Brownie label is from http://laurenmckinsey.com/

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