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Monday, February 27, 2012

Ross 7 Months!

Oh handsome boy!! Here is my little man during his seventh month... This month has been a tough one for him, the ongoing ear infections, 2 MORE teeth, and constant need to be in mom' arms have made for an... tearful month. Once the second doctor told us that the 2 prescriptions the first doctor prescribed weren't suppose to be given at the same time because they cause upset tummies, Ross felt better about life. We had to pospone the 6 check-up while he was feeling bad so we will have to make another trip to the doctor for some shots... I keep forgeting to make that appointment because I hate him having to get so many shots.
Ross is doing great with all the norms. He LOVES eating. I am making his food just as I did with Merritt's {I just can't pay 80 cents for 1 jar when I can get a bundle of bananas for the same price and it lasts for 2-3 weeks}. With his new teeth {the vampire ones and the 2 bottoms - the teeth in the middle on top are missing - maybe dentures?} he is eating everything we put if front of him.
Everyone that is around him swears he is saying 'mama' and I love it!
Ross is sitting up great without any assistance and within the past week has begun to pull himself up. Instead of crawling to get a toy, he will turn on his bottom and scoot until the toy is withi reach. A couple of times he has gotten himself on all fours but then isn't sure if he wants to put forth the effort to actual go anywhere.
Little man was not 'feelin' tonight's photo shoot so these are a few before he began screaming.

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