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Monday, February 13, 2012

Love to Learn!

My little Valentine LOVES to learn {especially when I call it 'playing games' and not 'Mommy School'}! This month I took advantage of some wonderful Pre-K packs that I have found on Pinterest - definitely check them out if Mommy School interests you! Here's Merritt standing in front of her LOVELY work!
My friend Jen made these last year and I printed out a bunch but never got around to using them until this year. Lady Valentine loved sorting the sweetheart candies, counting them, and then graphing the hearts. This activity became a nightly 'game' at dinner time - each night we opened a new box. I was also amazed at her memory because she would remember the day before's count and compare the amount!
The Valentine Pre-K pack I downloaded from Over the Big Moon was fantastic! The graphics were super cute and included lots of different activities that were just right with what she is doing at school.

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