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Thursday, July 1, 2010

How I did it!

Ok, so I know y'all are SUPER impressed and you are thinking.... "Jennie, that looks SO cool and patriotic, how much did it cost and how much time did it take?"
Sit down because it will blow you socks off... $4.78 {that includes tax}. I did the whole project during So You Think You Dance {the one-hour elimination show}.
First, let me give all the credit to eighteen25 blog, the two sisters come up with the neatest ideas and a lot of my project list comes from them. You should definitely check it out!
Now let me tell you how I did it and where I got all the supplies:
1. Wooden Letters {USA} - Hobby Lobby .99 for 2 letter packages {tell you in a moment what I will do with the extra letters}.
2. Red Paint {I am a teacher so I paint of every color - free}
3. Glitter {I LOVE glitter and already had red glitter for this project - free}
4. 1 piece of scrapbook paper {again, I already had so the paper - free}
5. 3 frames
{Ok, I am going to go off on a tangent but stay with me. I went to Hobby Lobby for the letters but had M with me so I didn't want to go to 2 stores looking for letters and frames, so I checked out the frames at Hobby Lobby.
While I was looking for inexpensive frames, I saw 2 women carrying USA letters and looking for 3 frames. We were doing the SAME THING! How crazy, right? Anyways, I found a frame that I liked and it was 1/2 off $9.99. I thought in my head, 'Jennie you can not afford to buy 3 frames for this project' - it was actually my husband's voice in my head. So I thought, ok, I will get smaller letters (.77 for 4 letters), the one frame and put all the letters in the frame. Still very cute, but also very affordable.
I paid for everything, walked to my car, and saw the Dollar Store. I asked M if she wouldn't mind stopping to look if they had frames, she said 'ok, mama' and we went in. There they were, waiting for me to buy them. So I did and 4 extra for another project (see last picture).
I went back to Hobby Lobby returned the frame and small letters and purchased the large letters and 4 more to fit in my 4 new frames to spell out FALL.
The words and holidays are endless with this idea! When there is a new holiday, just take out the cardstock and letters out of the frame and replace with new letters!}
So here's how I did it:
1. Paint 2-3 coats of paint on each letter.
2. Pour glitter on top of letters while paint is still wet.
3. Cut the scrapbook paper to 5x7 {or whatever size your frame is}. I did this between paint drying rounds.
4. Take out the backing and glass from frames.
5. Attach the letters to scrapbook paper using glue dots or double-sided tape.
6. Put letter and backing into frame and display for everyone to see!

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