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Thursday, July 8, 2010

If I ran the Zoo

In a couple of weeks , Merritt and I are going to visit friends and family in Houston. I am planning to take Merritt to the Houston Zoo while we are there. My mom and I took her during our Spring Break visit but Merritt didn't seem that interested in the animals, she was mainly interested in the snacks we brought with us. Putting on my teacher hat, I feel like that was partly my fault because I didn't prepare her for our visit. The voice in my head is one of my administrator saying before our nine week assessments; "You must teach before you test." True.
So in preparation for our visit, we started a Zoo Animal thematic unit. And in tue teacher fashion, I made lesson plans and the 3 week unit! Each week we are learning 4-5 new animals that we will see at the zoo, doing crafts, zoo animal books, matching games, stickers, and of course I got her mini-zoo animals that she loves to throw in the pool. And I finally found a use for all the Beanie Babies I collected in the mid-90s - I use them to introduce the animal we are learning about that day and then Merritt and her new friend eat breakfast together.
If you have any other fun animal ideas - I would love to read about them, please post in comments!

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