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Thursday, July 22, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Only 154 more days til Christmas - so I thought I would start decorating...
I'm joking, kinda.
I saw a tutorial on coffee filter wreaths and I had to tried one on my own! The wreath was simple to make and it costed less than $5!
You will need:
- foam wreath {$1 store}
- a package of about 150 coffee filters {$1 store}
- glue
- glitter {I used white and gold because my Christmas decor is all white, gold, and silver}
- ribbon
First, I folded the coffee filters and dipped the edges in glue and then white glitter. I let them dry. I wasn't sure how the filters would cover the green wreath so I hot-glued ribbon around the outside and inside. I didn't want the green to show through. Next, I began hot-gluing the coffee filters around the outside of the wreath and then the inner circle of the wreath. After I was happy with the fullness, I filled in the middle with the coffee filters. Lastly, I added gold ribbon and hung it up!
Now my mind is spinning with other coffee filter wreath ideas! I am thinking of making several smaller versions for my tablescape to go around candles. Or maybe using paint on the edges for different holidays or even a Hook'em Horn wreath for football season. Stay tuned!!

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