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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

She beats to her own drum

Today Merritt and I went to Children's Day Art Park at Symphony Square Amphitheatre. As we walked in there were musicians, clowns, and an instrument petting zoo. We walked by the french horn {she backed away}, violin {she shook her head no}, and other instruments with similiar reactions. But at the end of the line, there it was.... the DRUM. Just like her daddy, who's dream has always been to become a drummer in a rock band and trys to fulfill his dream every time a song comes on with a rockin' drum solo {you know have you seen that driver with the ac on full blast hitting the steering wheel - that is my husband}! Merritt grabbed the drum sticks like a natural and went back several times to ROCK IT OUT!
After, we walked down to the stage and had a seat to watch the show. One of the performers is one of my favorite children's singer - Lucas Miller, the Singing Zoologist. Daddy 'the drummer' even came to join us after his morning radio show had ended. What fun day at the park!

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