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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Lori's Little Pumpkin Shower

My best friend, Lori is having a little girl in November {I am hoping for 11.11.11}. A couple of our friends and I threw a 'Little Pumpkin' baby shower for Lori and her daughter-to-be Ava. All of the shower guests were greeted with pink and orange wreath and an 'A' for Ava.
Here we are with the 'mommy-to-be' and the hostesses. Behind us is part of our gift to Lori, monthly stickers and onesies hung up for decoration.
Lori received lots of love and gifts from everyone! I think she probably said 'How cute!' and 'Aawww' about a hundred times while she opened the gifts! Ava is probably going to have to change clothes 4-5 times a day just to wear all the outfits she has already.
One of Lori's favorites was from our friend Whitnie - the Longhorn onesie. Ava doesn't have a choice but to be a Longhorn :)
Lori made the cutest 'thank you' baskets for each of the hostesses! They fit right in with the theme of the day - pumpkin bread and yummy smelling cinnamon pumpkin handsoap. Love you Lori!!

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  1. Just saw this post! So glad that Lori liked the onsie. I saw it and thought it was so cute. Wish I could have been there. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Glad it went well.