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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Paint Chip Pumpkin Garland

I saw this pumpkin garland on Tip Junkie and knew I had to give it a try Lori's shower! What I liked maybe most about it the entire project was FREE and was by-far the decoration I was asked most about at Lori's Baby Shower!
I picked up {stole - altough is it stealing if they are free?} two different colored orange paint samples for the pumpkin and green paint samples for the stem from Lowe's. Merritt was my lookout in case any Lowe's employee creeped up to ask me how they could help.
Being a teacher, I already had brads, a hole puncher, and jute garland {my classroom theme is the corral and I use the jute as a lasso and/or tie up any kid misbehaving in the corral}.
When I told Merritt we were making them for Aunt Lori, she wanted help, so I put her on leaf duty. I found some glittery-sticker leaves in my craft closet to give the pumpkins some pizazz {also I don't own a leaf-shaped hole puncher like the lady on Tip Junkie}.
Her's our paint-chip pumpkin patch! I had fun making these, altough the hole punching was hard on my hand after doing it for a week straight and am already thinking of heading back to Lowe's {a different one, where they don't have my face on a WANTED poster} to get brown paint chips to make turkey garland and then maybe some reindeer garland for Chritmas.
I used them on all the windows and in between the monthly onesies to go with the pumpkin theme :)

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