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Thursday, September 9, 2010

4 Halloween Crafts before October... Halloween Advent Calendar

I saw this idea on Oopsey Daisy and just had to try it for Merritt! It turned out so cute and I hope she can enjoy it for years to come. First, the supply list:
~ Medal cookie sheet
~ Scrapbook paper {2 sheets of the background and 1 sheet for the lines to make the boxes for the calendar - you can see that I started another advent calendar for Christmas too}
~ Mod Podge and sponge brush
~ Precut circle magnets
~ Glass marbles
~ Circle numbers {you can download from Oopsey Daisy's website for free} I cut out the numbers, mod podged the back of the glass marble and then put the magnet on the back. I mod podged the scrapbook down and then put a coat on top. I cut the checkerboard strips and mod podged them to make the boxes for the calendar. I wanted to add a border around the edges, so I found a perfect checkerboard print ribbon! I hot-glued the border and then added a cute bow in the corner. I used a plate stand to set it on but you could also hot glue a loop on the back to hang it.
Now all it needs is some candy {but I am having trouble thinking of a 'healthy' candy that I can add to the calendar! Also, knowing my daughter, if I put the candy for the whole month on it, she won't understand the concept of 'one a day'!} If you can think of any candy/snack I could double-stick tape to the calendar - PLEASE let me know!
For now it is an adorable calendar on a shelf in her room :)

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