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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pick a Pumpkin!

I have gone Halloween craft crazy! I saw the pumpkin below and knew I wanted to try it {but of course I had to make it more 'edgy'}. I also loved the uniqueness of the pumpkin material - a dryer hose! A while back, we had a dryer malfunction.... and then we got a new dryer. One of the things we tried to fix it was a new dryer hose and since then an unused dryer hose has been sitting in our garage. So when I saw the above picture, I was super excited! The dryer hose I used is a little different. It has more ridges but I love it because it was free {kind of}. I stretched out the hose and curved it to make a circle. Then I cut the hose and tried to figure out how to connect the 2 sides. {This project almost ended here. I became a frustrated and teary-eyed because I originally was trying to tuck one side into the other and the foil kept collapsing, then I had a talk with myself and calmed myself down while standing in my craft closet, then all of a sudden I saw the hot glue!} I hot glued the sides together and then spray painted my soon to be pumpkin, orange. I was able to make 3 pumpkins from the dryer hose :) Lastly I added cinnamon sticks to make the stem and green ribbon to complete my pumpkin! The funnest part was when I gave one to my dear friend, Delia, she had sooooo many guesses as to what I used to make the pumpkin ~ When I gave it to her I made sure to tell her that I couldn't have PICKED a better person to look after Merritt while I am at school!

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