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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hook'em Horns

This past weekend the Edges went on a road trip to Houston to watch the Texas Longhorn season opener against Rice University {Merritt's GG's Alma Mater}. It was Merritt's 1st Texas football game and we are hoping she enjoyed it so much she decides she wants to go to Texas! {Honestly, I don't know if she has a choice with 2 Texas Exes for parents!}
Here we are tailgating before the game. Merritt loved people watching! We have been trying to get her to say Hook'em Horns but it comes out more like 'can of corn.'
Here is Garrett Gilbert, who we are hoping lead us to the promise land of Arizona in early January!
Yay! The Longhorns won.
We enjoyed seeing all of our friends and are so happy that Merritt had a great time {and all the boys were so nice to let her relax on the washer boards while they played}. Can't wait til this Saturday when Merritt will take her first steps into DKR stadium!!

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