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Friday, September 24, 2010

Trick or Trick!

It's no TRICK! This wreath is a real TREAT!
~ Wreath {$ Store}
~ Black gloss spray paint
~ Lollipops {$ Store}
~ Kleenex
~ Ribbon
~ Sharpie marker
First I spray painted the wreath black {a little tip - I took the price tag off but I left the plastic loop that the tag came on. You can use it to hang the wreath}
Next I went back to my elementary school days - wait, I teach 2nd grade - I am already there! I wrap the lollipop with Kleenex and tied it with a ribbon to make the ghosts. I made each ghost a spooky face with the Sharpie marker.
Then, I stuck the ghosts in the weave of the wreath.
Last, I added the Trick or Treat glitter foam words in the wreath {from $ Store}.
Happy Trick or Treating my friends!!

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