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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Baby Boy Edge

Today we found out that our second child will be a BOY! Our family is super excited to meet him in July! Beau and I took Merritt with us to find out - This is Daddy's reaction! Oh Boy! High-Five! Merritt loved watching the screen as the nurse pushed around her little brother to find out his measurements. She REALLY wanted to help with this {and play with the 'jelly' on Mommy's tummy}! Big Sister Merritt and Mommy waited to talk to the doctor about the back pain Little Brother is already causing for Mommy :(
Our little boy will be named after Beau's dad, who lost his life too early, Ross Douglas Edge {with the nickname of Razor - of course!}

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  1. SO excited for yall!! Congrats!! Can't wait for yall to hold little Ross :o)