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Thursday, March 17, 2011

So LUCKY to have friends like this!

Merritt and I are so LUCKY to be apart of an amazing playgroup - TOTS! We don't get to visit with our friends as much as I would like to, but when we do... there is definitely fun to be had. Here are the girls enjoying a St. Patty's Day green snack prepared by our super creative hostesses Katie and Leah! Merritt is busy finding all the marshmallows in her Lucky snack from Jen and Marin. Merritt loves to go to K & L'S home for all the fun toys, new babies she can take of, puzzles, and Play-Doh. Here she is practicing her numbers. After our snack, the Leprechaun had left shamrocks around the house with clues about were the Leprechaun had left a Pot of Gold Treats for the Lucky Girls. It was SO funny watching the girls search for each shamrock because they would walk right past the shamrock. At one clue, two of the girls had their hands on the shamrock and walked right past it. Merritt was so interested in the puzzles she walked right by the purple shamrock and the Pot of Gold! Thank you to the Leprechaun for the yummy treats! Two of the Lucky Girls laughing and playing in Leah's bed.
I wonder... Does this mean Merritt is ready for a big-girl bed, because Mommy and Daddy aren't!

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