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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Butterfly Princess

The Museum of Natural Science has an amazing exhibit right now - Cockrell Butterfly Center! All of the chrysalises that emerge in the exhibit are released into the 4 story glass-enclosed jungle. There are butterflies everywhere! {I will warn everyone that the humidity in the center is around 200% - so go there last if your hair cannot handle that much humidity.} All guests start at the top and walk down the spiral steps, it was amazing to see people just stop and stare at the awe of all the butterflies and lush plants. No pictures can do it justice! At the very bottom there is a lagoon where the waterfall collects - Merritt wanted to go swimming so badly! When you get back into the air-conditioned museum there is a child's area with puzzles, games, etchings, blocks, and a beehive. Merritt loved putting the insect puzzle together while saying all the sounds they make. Once all the other {crazy/bigger/unsupervised} children left the beehive Merritt went buzzing!

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