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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Goin' Buggy...

When we walked into the Insect Exhibit we were greeted by Charlie the Caterpillar. I was surprised that Merritt ran up to him and gave him and hug and hello. The 'Buggy' exhibit had lots of hands-on activities including noises from insects! The exhibit also had lots of "interesting" animals for us to observe - who knew there were so many kinds of beetles, spiders, and katydids. "Look Mommy! Can I have one, please?" Response: "Um... no beetles in the house, Merritt {please}." When I taught First Grade, one of my absolute joys was our Butterfly Unit! The exhibit had 1000s of chrysalises, so many different species of butterflies! While we were watching 2 butterflies emerged - Merritt was in awe and so happy for the butterfly! "Mommy! The butterfly did it!" she kept shouting over and over. Aunt Katherine and Merritt posed by the termite hill - eek - I hope none decided to come home with us!

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