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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

MARCH into Counting

Merritt and I had so much fun counting towards Valentine's Day, I thought let's count towards St. Patrick's Day too! I found a craft kit for 30 Pots of Gold {the original purpose for the pots were to put pictures inside, but I thought I could make my own craft with them}. Being a perfectionist, I had to lay them out first and create a pattern that I liked. All the pieces had sticky backs so they were super easy to put together! I added the gold numbers, some gold sequins, and a clothespin to the back {unlike the heart pockets for Valentine's Day - there was no where to put the 'gift' in the pot, also the clothespin is really convenient to attach to the ribbon and 'gift.' Here is the LUCKY girl on March 1st! Instead of giving her 'gifts' each day which can hit the bank account {even if you are shopping in the Dollar section at Target!}, I am going to try to do more activities/projects each day. For March 1st, the LUCKY girl received print outs of numbers 1-9 and a package of shamrock stickers. We went through the numbers and she identified all of them and then we added shamrocks to each number. Here she is adding 5 shamrocks to the number 5! Afterwards I cut out all the numbers and I had planned on hanging them up in her room but she wanted me to leave them on table so she could show Daddy! So proud of her work!! I had 13 extra Gold Pots and wondered what to do with them - I could put shapes, colors, have her make patterns with gold coins, or March vocabulary pictures in them. I decided to use 7 of them to spell out the LUCKY girl's name so we could practice identifying the letters in her name.

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