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Sunday, April 17, 2011

EGG-stra Fun Day at the Park!

This afternoon our family went to the park to enjoy an Easter Egg Hunt! We got there a little early because I heard that the Easter Egg Hunt would last about 2 minutes. I am sooo glad we did because as soon as we got there and I turned on my camera... I see the words Battery Exhausted! I looked at my hubby, he took the camera from my hands, and ran off to find batteries. {Reason # 2487 that I love him so much - he understands my obsession about capturing every moment on camera.}
Merritt and I waited very patiently as we waited for the Mayor to announce that the 'Hunt was on!' When I say patiently.... I mean my 3 year old tugged on the caution tape that roped off the 'Egg Zone' and pulling at my bag asking for snacks {I brought my own eggs filled with goldfish and fruit snacks IN CASE she wasn't able to get any eggs/be too scared to get the eggs in fear of to be trampled by 'big kids'}. When the countdown was over, we raced in to collect as many eggs as we could. Merritt was content to open each egg and look inside for the treat {she doesn't have the concept of 'grab and go - look later.' Beau {who obviously made it back with the batteries because there are photos} helped Merritt by doing some hunting of his own, picking up a couple of snack bags and a bunny rubber ducky - SCORE! We met up with our friends the Balagia's afterward to empty their eggs. The girls decorated their daddies with the stickers that came from the hunt and the mommies enjoyed the fact that there were free sonic ice cream cone coupons in some of the eggs - YUM! We also walked over to the nearby playscapes that have been recently renovated. Merritt loved the swings!

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