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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Kemah Lighthouse District

We went to Houston to visit my parents for Easter Weekend. On Saturday we went to nearby Kemah to enjoy the Boardwalk. Our first stop... Food {come on - I am pregnant}! We choose to eat at a buffet so we could all enjoy something different. From the picture above you can see what Merritt enjoyed most! Merritt had so much fun on the Boardwalk! Here is Merritt and my mom with all the boats in the behind them. Merritt's favorite ride is the Carousel! We probably rode it 10 times. Every time we had to get off the ride, she ran right back to the line entrance. We also took some risks {both of us}. Here we are on the cute little airplane ride {btw I don't do well with heights and she didn't like the airplane I had chosen and screamed the whole time}. We strolled down the Boardwalk to watch the pelicans dive into the water, Merritt tried to look through the telescope but kept her eyes closed tight while she did - too cute!

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