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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hop to the Easter Egg Hunt!

Our friends Laura and Ayden had a wonderful Easter Egg Hunt Playdate at their house last Friday! Everything was perfect - they are EGG-cellent hosts! Aren't these the cutest cupcakes? The bunny and chick were the kids' take home gifts, along with the hundreds of eggs the Easter Bunny Moms had scattered all over the backyard. When the kids went outside, they were so excited to hunt for the eggs. That is except for Merritt, she was more interested in playing with all of Ayden's toys {Look at those cars! Who wouldn't want to drive around in those cool rides?}. I decided to help Merritt find some eggs when I ran into this mom... Watch out! We were on a mission to collect the most eggs while our children wanted to play with the toy cars {that's her daughter, Marin, on the blue bike}. Here is Merritt and Sienna painting eggs. I love how crafty she is becoming - just like her mommy!

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