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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Welcome to Seussville! Part 2

At any party, there has to be fun activities for the guests to do. There was going to be a range of ages from babies to 7 year olds to our adult friends. So my task was how to make sure everyone really enjoys there time at our home.
I put up a 'Photo Booth' for guests to snap a picture with the Cat. I love my cupcake wrappers as garland, adds some fun patterns and textures, I think. I also made a Grinch Toss Game with Cat in the Hat 'hat buckets' and Grinch bean bags. This is the kid version of the adult washer game that was nearby. The Hop on Pop book made me think of bubble popping, so we invested in a bubble machine! I can't even think about all the hot air I will be saved from blowing with this machine. Another tradition that I do around Merritt's birthday is take her handprint or footprint and make an art project out of it. Last year it was a Hula Girl made from her footprint! I spotted the Thing 1 and Thing 2 Handprints Activity from Mailbox Magazine and knew I had to include it. The body, legs, and arms was a little tricky - as you can see, you had to not paint one of the fingers and have the kids spread their fingers to make the bottom half of the Thing {easier said than done}. You can see from the pictures, Merritt has a playscape and play house that the kids can enjoy. Hope everyone had a wonderful time!!

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