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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Welcome to Seussville! Part 3

I wanted to turn our backyard into a Dr. Seuss Wonderland. I drew inspiration from Dr. Suess books and the characters within those pages. As guests went into the backyard, was the Happy Birthday to You Dr. Seuss Book and the Party Favors for all the kids. Each year, I find a book that goes with the theme of the birthday party to have guests sign and I use the back pages of the book for a list of the gifts Merritt was given.
The favors were made from tin cans {our dogs eat green beans instead of wet dog food so we saved and washed the cans to use} that I modpodged with pages from the Cat in the Hat and The Cat in the Hat Strikes Back. In each can, I put a pencil, crayons, Dr. Seuss mini-book, a book mark, stickers, and a lollipop.
I also used the cans as vases for color flowers that I put throughout the house and with the centerpieces on each table. As a teacher, I had so many Dr. Seuss books to use as decorations. I also had help from my school librarian, who let me check out every Dr. Seuss book that is in our library along with stuffed animals that go along with all the books. I had five tables for guests to sit and eat and talk - each table had a different book as a theme. There was a Cat in the Hat and The Cat in the Hat Strikes Back tables. Each had stuffed Cats and Things 1 & 2. There aren't any pictures of these two tables because by the time I got outside, Merritt had already decided she was going hang on tight to these stuffed 'decorations/toys.' Above is the One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Table with a fish jumping out of a fish bowl, a Go Fish Game for guests to play and the book. There was also a Horton Hears a Who Table complete with Pink Fuzzies and an Elephant to show everyone is someone no matter how small {or big}! The Fox in Socks table had the Fox and the book {in my rush the morning of the party.... I forgot the pile of socks the Fox was supposed to sit on... oh well!}. I ordered punch balls instead of balloons from Oriental Trading Company to hang from the trees, they were a lot cheaper and so easy to hang since the punch balls come with rubber bands. I also thought the guests could take them home as part of the favor {and to help with clean up!} but I forgot so they are still in the trees in the backyard.

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