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Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Day at the Lake

Since it's 103 degrees here on most days {usually by 10 am it feels like!}, we have been trying to stay cool anyway we can. We are lucky to have some great friends whose parents have a boat that we have definitely taken advantage of! We have been out on the boat 3 times in the past week and Merritt has become comfortable on the boat and in the lake. {If you know me, I do NOT like water. Period. There was an unfortunate incident when I was a child and have never learned to swim.} I am trying not to put that same fear in Merritt, so here is the family picture of us having fun in the water :) And if you notice closely... Yes, she is wearing a life jacket AND is in a floatie that I think is necessary.
After watching everyone take rides on the Jet Ski, Merritt wanted a turn too. I took a deep breath and said 'Ok.' As I watched them drive off, I could already hear Merritt yelling for 'Daddy go faster!' She came back to me with a huge smile {and in one piece} and immediately asked to go again... and again.... and again.
This is me on the Jet Ski... it is budgie corded to the boat and the ingnition is off {my kind of jet sking}.
Merritt loved watching all the boats, jet skis, and water skiers go by! Eventually all of the fun, water, and sun would have the sleepy effect! Once we would decide to go cruising {or as we like to say, 'Go House Hunting on the Lake'}, the motion of the waves, Merritt is out...
Thank you Auntie Yourli {Lori} and Silly Uncle Jay for inviting us out - we had a wonderful time!

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