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Friday, July 1, 2011

July Fourth Fun!

This week we started our Fourth of July fun in June at our friend Leah's Meme and Papa's pool! They were so nice to let our playgroup come visit, cool off, and have red, white, and blue fun! Merritt and I brought a little 4th of July firecracker, since we can't set off the real thing, as thanks for inviting us!
The pool was amazing! It had the perfect shallow lounge area for Merritt to walk in {and of course line things up}. I think the hit of the pool party was the fishing set, everyone loved using the fishing poles to catch all the pool toys!
Also notice my little firecracker's bathing suit - Merritt's first 2 piece- very patriotic!
Everyone had such a great time playing and snacking. Check out Trenton's orange hands - I think he enjoyed his Cheetoes! Too bad he wouldn't share with Kat, she had to get her own bag :)
Instead of three men in a tub... check out the three girls in a float! Love this picture of the girls floating in the pool!
After a yummy lunch of mini burgers, hot dogs, fruit, and chips {during which all Merritt could talk about was the 'blue cake'} we sang Happy Birthday to Scarlett, who turns one today and ate cupcakes.
We are thankful for so many things during this time of year... Our brave soldiers that keep us free, our new home that keeps us safe, and our friends and family that make us feel so loved!

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