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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

First Movie Date!

Last week Merritt the Bear went to see Pooh Bear! This was her first trip to the theatre and her first real movie {Unless you count Sex and the City Baby Day at Alamo Drafthouse when she was a month old.} She found he movie poster while we waited for our friends to arrive.
How cute is this? Merritt and her 'boyfriend' Trenton holding hands on their first date! Both Trenton's mom and I weren't sure how they would do at the theatre... Would they be able to sit through the whole movie and stay interested, would they talk and yell and disturb the other movie-goers, would they tell us when they needed to go potty? The answers are Yes, Yes {it was a theatre full of kids so no one really minded}, and Yes.
Show me your POPCORN! I am not sure what they enjoyed more... the popcorn or the movie!
It was wonderful for so many of our friends from our playgroup to join us! I think they used each other as examples of how to behave during the movie. My nervousness changed from how would they behave to, I hope her popcorn doesn't run out before the movie ends! It was so funny during each preview, Merritt would ask where Winnie the Pooh was! Trenton had a great time dancing to the preview music while Merritt enjoyed her popcorn.
Here is Merritt and I in our very best Winnie the Pooh Yellow! Our friends Katie and Leah brought us Winnie the Pooh headbands that our other friend Jen designed to go with her Winnie the Pooh friendship lessons.
Merritt wore it to go see the movie AGAIN with her Daddy! And my parents have plans to take her to see it again while she vacations with them next week!

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  1. I was pouting about the headband b/c I thought you didn't do one!! HA! YAY MERR!!