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Friday, July 1, 2011

Merritt's Big Girl Room!

I have been working on Merritt's 'Big Sister' room for almost a month now. I found a pink, black, and white pattern that I found at Target that I love :) My mom was sweet enough to order Merritt's 'I am a Big Girl Now!' bedding to go with the Big Girl bed that Beau's mom got her for her birthday.
My Dad came to help with a 'To-Do' list that was getting way to long and repainted all the furniture white {I added the different pinks to the dresser and black knobs to complete the look}.
I also repainted Merritt's shelves and letters to match her new bedding. I am still going back and forth on whether I want to repaint the flowers because they have zebra print on them and there isn't any other zebra in the room. Thoughts....
I have found some really great deals for the room too at Ross, Home Goods, and Hobby Lobby! Those cute rugs were on clearance at Hobby Lobby for $5!!
Merritt loves her new room {although she sneaks into Ross' room daily to sneak toys and make sure he isn't in there yet!}.

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