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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summer Wedding Part 2

I love weddings! Here are some more pictures from Josh and Adrianne's wedding! Merritt wore the same Flower Girl dress as she wore in Sarah and Jason's wedding last month. The dress was a mini version of Adrianne's dress!
We told Merritt to look for her Daddy at the end of the aisle and he would give her a lollipop. Both Merritt and the Ring Bearer couldn't see their dads over the heads of the guests, so Beau and Justin had to come get Merritt and Zeke - too sweet!
Merritt enjoying some of the groom's cake. I had 2 pieces of the bride's cake - one piece each for Ross and I :0
Merritt, Beau, and I danced all night long! She loved the fast dance music and bright lights.
So tired by the end of the night! We didn't get home until midnight, luckily everyone slept in the next morning.

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