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Saturday, July 2, 2011

You're a Firecracker Project

While blog hopping I landed at 2 of my latest blog obsessions ~ Shindig and Lil' Luna ~ I check out their fun new ideas daily! I had to try to make these Firecracker Gifts for Merritt and since I was making one... why not 2 :) You can find more specific directions on how to make the Firecrackers on their blogs but I will give a brief description of how I did it.
I hopes of finding all the supplies at one store, I headed to the Dollar Tree. They didn't have Pringles chip cans there so I went with Doritos cans instead. It was a good thing too because I went a little crazy with the surprises I put inside and I am not sure everything would have fit in a Pringles can {I had a long list of places I was going that day and seemed to pick up a little something from each place I went!}.
Step One: Turn the can over and with a knife, cut the silver bottom off. Then empty the chips into a plastic baggie {or into a bowl for a snack while you work - just watch out for orange fingers if you are eating Doritos}. Using a damp paper towel wipe the inside of the can and the silver bottom clean.
Step Two: Put all the goodies inside the can. Some of the treats I put in my cans were Patriotic Sticker Sheets, Silly String, Red White and Blue Lei, Paper Chinese Firework, American Flags, Stars and Stripes beach ball, Paper Di-Cuts ofAmerican symbols, and Red & White Pinwheels.
Step Three: Reattach the bottom of the can with hot glue. This will ensure that when the Firecracker is opened, they can hear the 'pop' of the top!
Step Four: Decorate! If you use Pringle cans, there are FREE printables that will cover the can perfectly at Shindig and Lil' Luna! I bought a package of patriotic scrapbook paper at Tuesday Morning for $3 that covered the Dorito cans. For the lid, I cut 2 slits in the plastic and threaded ribbon, tinsel garland, and pipe cleaners through. Since I couldn't fit the fabulous 4th glasses into the can, I used them as part of the decoration for the lid. Use your finger to wind the pipe cleaners and garland around to create a spiral so it looks like the lid is exploding. I also added some glitter stars, American flags, and an initial of the person receiving the Firecracker and...
BOOM! You're ready to set off the perfect Fourth of July Firecracker for the Holiday!

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