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Monday, June 28, 2010

Fun in the Sun!

This morning we went to the Leander Library and listened to the most wonderful, sweet man; Mr. George sing, read, and color with the kids. Mr. George reads every Monday to a room full of eager kiddos {seriously - standing room only}. She even got to color an owl today - my mother would be so happy!
After the library, our play group, T.O.T.S {Toddlers of Teachers} went to Robin Bledsoe splash pad. Merritt and I have tried some different splash pads around the north Austin area and this was by far the BEST! Merritt had a blast! She laughed and played in the water with her friends.
We will defitnitely be making a return visit.

Under the Sea with ME!

I wanted to make the most out of this summer with Merritt so I decided to take a cue from several teacher mommies and plan animal units. We recently did a 2 week unit on Ocean Animals and Merritt had so much fun learning all the names of the animals that live under the sea. We did a lot of different crafts - glittering the the animals and then putting them on the wall, everyday we would play I Spy. Merritt also had her played with Plah-Doh for the first time. I also got her ocean animal rubber animals to play with in her pool. We also have continued to practice her colors and she knows them so well now! I brought home a ton of ocean-themed books home from my classroom {and I am not sure I will be able to get them back!}.