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Monday, October 18, 2010

Breakfast with the Princesses

I was told by a good friend of mine that Breakfast with the Disney Princesses was a MUST for any little princess in the making! So we made reservations (harder than it sounds - trust me!) Our breakfast reservations were at Epcot at the Norway House. Upon our arrival we waited til they announced our royal name and led us in to take our picture with Belle from Beauty and Beast. After eating our breakfast buffet, they announced it was time from the Walk of the Princesses. We took Merritt up to greet Cinderella, not fully knowing what was going to happen. Merritt has never been a fan of large stuffed characters. Merritt took Cinderella's hand and off they went (Merritt was supposed to grab the hand of the next little princess behind her but she wanted Cinderella all to herself!) They walked around the restaurant and Merritt couldn't take her eyes off of her. After the walk, we waited as Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, and Ariel came by our table. Each princess took the time to talk to Merritt and pose for a picture. Merritt's face was filled with an excitement and the purest joy I have ever seen, as she talked with each princess. {I even got a little emotional and a few happy tears were shed I have to admit.} As each princess left, Merritt made sure to give them a hug and tell them 'Thank you!' We were lucky enough to still be around when the next 'Walk with the Princesses' was announced. Merritt ran up to Cinderella, took her hand, {and the next little princess behind her this time}, and with the biggest smile I have ever seen on her face, they walked around the restaurant.
Her new favorite word is Princess and we definitely have a little princess walking around on Halloween!

Merritt Island, Florida

Being an avid House Hunters watcher, I see lots of couples choose their dream houses. One night, pretty soon after giving birth to my sweet Merritt, I watched a couple choose between 3 houses on Merritt Island. I always thought it would be cool to go visit and to take Merritt to see her name everywhere!
Merritt Island was about a 45 minute drive from where we were staying so we drove down to see the island with the most beautiful name!
We stopped every time we saw Merritt's name - I am pretty sure there were many calls to the local sheriff's office to report our crazy driving, sudden stops, and quick U-turns. Home of the Merritt Island Mustangs! My mom mailed a package from the Merritt Island Post Office with all the things she wasn't able to pack in her suitcase. This way to paradise!
While touring the island we found out that Merritt Island is the location of the Johnson Space Center where the shuttles take off!

Orlando Pool Time

One day on our trip to Orlando we relaxed and enjoyed the pools at the resort we were staying at. All the pools were heated so we could go swimming any time of day! Here is the bathing beauty enjoying a snack between pool hopping. Merritt found her favorite pool the first night we arrived. She loved splashing in the water! One night with my dad, he even got her to blow bubbles and kick her feet in the water. While hanging out, Merritt meet a very cute 3 year old named Cole from Colorado. She enjoyed his company but her heart never strayed from her Texas boys. Merritt loved playing hide-and-go seek behind all the lush tropical plants around the resort. Merritt enjoyed lunch afterwards on our condo balcony overlooking the pond. The weather was so perfect we ate every meal outside!