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Friday, January 27, 2012

Ross 6 Months

Today my little man turned 6 months... and I am in disbelief that it has already been 6 months. The Mr. and I decided long ago, for many reasons but mainly we prefer to play man-on-man defense rather than zone defense with our children, that we only want 2 little people. I have tried to soak up every ounce time, love, and laughter I can get with my little man knowing that this will be the last time I will have a child this age.
We have been incredibly blessed to have have a happy and healthy boy. I think the comment I hear the most is, "Wow, is he always this happy?" And my reply is a smile and nod. He is happy a majority of the time!
The person he smiles at the most?? Merritt. He adores her. She sings to him, plays with him, and her morning job is to pick out his toy he takes to Ms. JoAnn's everyday and he lights up when she enters the room.
Our boy is growing... his 6 month is next Tuesday and I will find out exact measurements. Like with Merritt, I am making his food and this month we added squash to the rotation with banana, sweet potatoes, and pears. Next on the menu - peaches! His 2 bottom teeth came in together 2 weeks ago and I have been slowly introducing 'chunkier' foods that he can chew or gum.
Ross' accomplishments this month include sitting up on his own, reaching for objects and then immediately putting that object in his month. He no longer lies to lay on his back for long periods of time {5 minutes} and will roll over to his tummy. He has begun to push off and turn and reach for nearby toys.
Love this boy!

Monday, January 16, 2012

New Years Eve!

Happy 2012! I hope that all my friends and family have a happy and healthy 2012! Merritt was a little nervous of the sparklers at first but then loved waving them around the backyard.
In 2011, 2 of our best friends had babies. Ava invited Brooks and Ross to party at her crib for New Years and they let their parents tag along too. Wow - how New Years Eve has changed now that we are - gulp - grown up! Can't wait to watch these 3 grow up together and be as close as their parents are!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Teeth!

This past week, my little man hadn't been quite the same...
His drool had a similarity to a water faucet, his sleeping wasn't quite so sound, and his smiles{while bright enough to light up a room} weren't as big. We had a sneaking suspension that we might need to break out the steak knives soon and here they are... two new bottom teeth!